The shoemaker's globe has been around since the twelfth century. Often referred to as “the spotlight of the Middle Ages,” it was particularly important for shoemakers, who were among the poorer craftsmen and whose workshops often lacked sufficient daylight. The shoemaker's globe provided the necessary light, allowing the shoemaker to focus on his work. It was the primary work light before the invention of electricity.

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A glass sphere filled with water is suspended from a metal holder, with a burning candle placed behind it. The candlelight passes through the sphere, creating a cone of light on the opposite side. The position of the candle and sphere can be adjusted to control the direction, intensity, and width of the light cone. Today’s workspaces with laptops or computer screens demand new lighting solutions. A conventional desk lamp often produces too much lux, which can strain the eyes. Perhaps this old form of lighting could meet new demands.

This lamp concept, with its historical approach, is regularly produced in small batches and has attracted international customers. The latest series were shipped to London and Paris.

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