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Conference room two

The implemented video conferencing system scores with subtly integrated state-of-the-art media technology. In addition to equipping the room with a speaker system consisting of front and ceiling speakers as well as ceiling microphones with 'beam-steering' technology and a high-quality video camera, a Microsoft-Teams-Room System has been installed in one of the tables. The technology integrated into the room can also be made available to user’s connected laptops for applications such as presentations or video conferences. My role was the design and development of the "tech tank".

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For operating the media technology and room lighting, a media control system and a user-friendly operating concept via touch panels have been implemented. Predefined scenarios on the touch panels also allow non-trained users to transform the room into the respective presentation-, meeting-, or video-conference mode at the push of a button. The technology is integrated into custom-designed and manufactured equipment tanks, which are mounted under the tables. Connections for laptops are accessible via hideaway table tanks and retractable power sockets.

check out checkpointmedia
check out checkpointmedia
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