Das Gehirn in Kunst & Wissenschaft

What is the brain: control center, supercomputer, seat of the self? It is undoubtedly one of the last great mysteries of the human body. While neuroscience continuously provides us with new insights, many questions remain unresolved. The exhibition "The Brain: In Art & Science" at the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn delves into these mysteries. Through a fascinating blend of artistic interpretations and scientific discoveries, the exhibition explores the brain's complexities and invites visitors to ponder its enigmatic nature.

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The exhibition features a guidance system integrated with augmented reality content, accessible via mobile devices. Using special markers, visitors can activate and view virtual content—three-dimensional and sometimes animated—on their mobile devices. This innovative approach enhances the exhibition experience, blending art and science with cutting-edge technology.

Bundeskunsthalle Bonn
Auftraggeber: Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn Kurator*innen: Johanna Adam, John-Dylan Haynes, Henriette Pleiger Konzept: Andreas Pawlik, Maik Perfahl (mostlikely), Manuel Steinböck 3D-Konstruktion und Animation: Marc Schuran, Raphael Heiser Grafikdesign (UI): Bernhard Poppe, Andreas Pawlik Programmierung (AR-App): Bernhard Poppe, Felix Strobl, Aischa Engel (Assistenz), Velocipedia: Gianlucagimini
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