Imagine a future institution, similar to insurance companies, that specializes in storing our DNA. Its mission extends beyond merely preserving our bodies; it aims for the complete reconstruction of our beings. What if, 200 years from now, we could be restored using our DNA? This isn't just life insurance; it's reincarnation insurance. Forget the logistical details—finances, housing, career opportunities—everything is covered by the insurance.

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The crucial question is: what must this institution consider for a successful restoration? Is our body alone enough to define us? Throughout our lives, we go through various phases, constantly modifying, adapting, or redefining our bodies. These changes can be voluntary or involuntary. Consider the shoes we wear, the clothes we identify with, or how we style our hair—these elements play a significant role in our self-definition.

However, deeper events shape us as well. Unwanted surgeries, accidents, illnesses, and desired modifications like tattoos or plastic surgery also contribute to who we are. During a reconstruction, these modifications would need to be reapplied to our bodies. The storage medium, "Capsule," collects these life events. Like a backup file, it conserves and securely stores the various stages of our lives for future reconstruction.

Have we already experienced the right moment for this, or are we still waiting for it? Which of these capsules contains the right body for your reconstruction?

Photos: Rafael Lippuner, Steelwork: Bernhard Ranner "der ProtoTyp"
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