The Schusterkugel has been around since the twelfth century. It was often referred to as „the headlight of the Middle Ages“. Shoemakers in particular were among the poorer artisans, whose workshops were often inadequately reached by daylight. The Schusterkugel gave the necessary light, and the cobbler could focus on his workplace. It was the work lights before the invention of electricity.

A glass ball is filled with water and hung on a metal holder, behind it, a burning candle is positioned. The candlelight hits the ball and creates a cone of light on the opposite side. Depending on the position of candle and ball, the light guidance and intensity, as well as the width of the light cone, can be determined. Today’s workplace, with laptop or computer screen, creates new lighting requirements. A traditional table lamp produces too much lux, which irritates the eye. Perhaps this is where the old form of lighting comes in, to meet new demands.