Kopf Hand Werk

An exhibition of the study manual and material culture under the direction of Mag. Hans Stefan Moritsch. The semester projects dealt with the subject of archetypes and transformation. Kopf Hand Werk – three areas that are closely linked in terms of design were in focus of the exhibition of 2015.

On the one hand, the exhibition presents a cross-section of the craft processes and the examination of seemingly natural forms and ways of life. On the other hand, best-of-work projects of design, craft and material culture are shown, giving a good insight into the interdisciplinary Enable study at the New Design University. Every project starts in the head – human needs are taken up, facts are investigated and links to the environment are sought. In the fourth semester, the students of the bachelor program manual and material culture exploratively dealt with the subject of archetypes and transformation. The hand makes the concept out of the head visual and tangible. In the course „Handwerksmodul“ the students get to know different materials, try out processing techniques and implement designs. By constantly dealing with these two processes and a limitless interaction between the head and the hand, it is possible to create a work in the end.