Concrete Board

My practical bachelor thesis should display new possibilities hidden in the material of concrete. In this scientific research work, I worked up the problems that this material poses because of its composition. My goal was to develop boards with low thickness, low weight, uniform surface tension and frameless mounting options. This very technical project let me leave the traditional areas of design study and explore new areas of architecture.

The areas of panel and bridge construction, with their „pre-and post-stressing“ processes, inspired me to design a form that allows the concrete to be manually pre-stressed. When calculating the mechanical strength of structures and other constructions, I came up against the limits of the material, resulting in several incidences of cracked surfaces. Only by incorporating the notch effect and the tension trajectory did the first boards fulfill my demands. The elaborately constructed reinforcement allows the final concrete board to be mounted without a frame and to absorb tensile and compressive forces in all directions, without breaking.