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La Biennale, Panel Discussion

Previous Next DIGITAL TRANSFORMATIONS — SOCIETY AND ARTS AT THE TURNING POINT The discussion explores a technological revolution that is already in progress, which will bring about massive changes in the way we work and live, and have an enormous impact on our culture and the arts. This transformation cannot be compared to earlier technological […]

Data Loam

Previous Next Data Loam. Sometimes Hard, Usually Soft Tuesday, February 26, 12 pmFriday, March 8, 5 pm Über die Zukunft der Wissenssysteme und die Stofflichkeit von Information Ausstellung / DiskussionEröffnung: 25. Februar, 19 UhrDiskussion: 1. März, 15 Uhr Die KünstlerInnen und WissenschaftlerInnen des Data Loam Projekts erforschen die Vergangenheit und Zukunft von Wissenssystemen und postulieren die dringende Notwendigkeit neue Organisationsformen jenseits […]

New Craft & Design

Previous Next The MEISTERSTRASSE stands as a brand for outstanding workshops, selected factories, renowned traditional houses, creative craftsmanship and exquisite culinary art. MEISTERSTRASSE HANDMADE identifies design-oriented artisans or handicraft designers, who are at the end of their apprenticeship, at the beginning of their founding or in the start-up phase of their company and have the […]

Nachwuchs Wirtschaft in Niederösterreich

Previous Next Österreich-Bild aus dem Landesstudio Niederösterreich broadcasted on ORF 2 on 17.06.2018 Young, creative and innovative – junior economy in Lower Austria Whether through innovative wine labels for the Life Ball, elaborate precision watches, or extravagant hairstyle design, many companies are successful thanks to the creative ideas and the well-founded work of young professionals. […]

WORKOUT #2 True/False

Previous Next A line connecting five different approaches to the conception of truth, from its binary behavior in logic, to an unrecognizable interwoven construction of it. This exhibition displays the outcomes of examining the blurred borders of truthfulness and the hazy area around its possible values. How much room is given for self-interpretation? Works by […]

Kopf Hand Werk

Previous Next An exhibition of the study manual and material culture under the direction of Mag. Hans Stefan Moritsch. The semester projects dealt with the subject of archetypes and transformation. Kopf Hand Werk – three areas that are closely linked in terms of design were in focus of the exhibition of 2015. On the one […]