Project Description

A cooperation with dform.

Woody is a concept car. It represents the serious and thoughtful handling of some of the biggest ecological problems of the present. Woody transports his intention in every project phase. As a conceptual visualization, prototype, exhibit, and production model, it offers the options to discuss topics such as:

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions in the automotive construction and traffic
  • Expansion of sustainable, decentralized production structures and product cycles
  • Reduction of traffic and the associated burdens

and shows that solutions for these types if issues can be found and implemented. Woody is a special designed e-car used for short distances. Although most cars are designed for long routes and fast highway rides, the actual usage behavior of most is completely contrary. Today’s transport performance of passenger cars is about 1.1 people per car. If 2 people were transported per car, the traffic would be reduced by almost 50%. Due to its open design Woody allows the direct communication between the road users. This feature promotes with considerate driving habits and it offers an easier way to pick someone up along the way. Woody is not an „extended living room“, not a private room, maybe not even private property. Woody is open for everyone.

Local production – Local value creation

Woody is technically and constructively clever, but not complicated. It is reduced. The manufacture and maintenance of the vehicle can be performed with small-scale craft with common means of production. Woody will be produced for its intended use, directly on site. Local, decentralized production lowers the energy usage for the production as well as the transport costs for components. In addition, this mode of production leads to a strong Identification of the population with the vehicle. The entire value creation and the generated know-how becomes a benefit for the region. Wood is a renewable, globally available raw material. Wood is great for technical and statically demanding tasks. No other material communicates the values sustainability deceleration and renaturation like wood. Woodworking is a technology that is deeply connected with human Culture. There is a huge number of manufacturers and companies that process this material.

Wood is global and regional at the same time – Just like Woody.

Reinhard Haiden, Christian Manser , Marc Schuran

10% of all car journeys are shorter than 1 km

2017 was the highest ever measured Concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. In 2018 this value will be exceeded. Tendency: strongly rising

Source: United Nations Climate Change Conference 2018

50% of all car journeys are shorter than 5 km

With just under 20% of total emissions, the motorized road traffic is one of the main causes in the emission of CO2.

Source: Statista.de

2/3 of all car journeys are shorter than 10 km

„To keep the fixed upper limit of the Paris Climate Conference below two degrees, […] there is an urgent need to speed up the short term goals, and shape the long term goals more ambitious.“

Quote: United Nations Emission Gap Report 2018

90% of all car journeys are shorter than 50 km

Increase in car registrations in Austria since 1975: + 3.2 million Tendency: rising steadily

Source: Statistik Austria