Project Description

Consider the following scenario:

There could be an institution in the future, similar to insurance companies, that deals with the storage of our DNA. Not only is the conservation of our body the goal, but so is the complete rebuilding of ourselves. What if we were to be restored in 200 years from our DNA? It is therefore not a life insurance we are talking about. Rather it is a kind of reincarnation insurance. Let’s put aside all the organizational aspects. The financial position of our future self is of secondary importance. Considerations regarding accommodation, career opportunities and other such things also do not matter. All these aspects are covered by the insurance. More important is the question of what this institution needs to consider when it comes to a possible restoration. Is our body alone ever enough to define ourselves?

Every person goes through various phases during his life, in which he modifies, adapts or redefines his body. In addition, we make voluntary or involuntary changes to ourselves. This can be done through simple reversible representations of our selves. What kind of shoes do we wear? What clothes can we identify with? Or even simpler, how do we style our hair? These elements are important aspects when it comes to our self-definition. However, we experience much deeper events throughout our lives; unwanted surgeries, accidents or illnesses are also part of this, as are wanted modifications, such as tattoos, plastic surgery or similar interventions. During a reconstruction, these modifications would have to be reapplied to the body.

The storage medium ‘Capsule’ collects these events. Just as in a backup file, the various stages of life are conserved and safely stored for later reconstruction. Have we already experienced the right time for this, or are we still waiting for it?

Which one of these tubes contains the right body for your reconstruction?

The visitors were able to participate in a survey concerning DNA storage and DNA modification:

This form is completely anonymous and complies with the current EU General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO). There is no need to answer the questions, if they are perceived as too personal.

Did you hear about the advances in DNA modification or DNA storage before this exhibition?

Yes/No    Description

Is there a specific object in your life, through which you would define yourself? (e.g. Clothing, jewelry, glasses, hair, etc.)

Yes/No    Description

Which object would you like to store for the future?

Yes/No    Description

Has your body changed or have you changed your body, voluntarily or involuntarily?(Tattoo, plastic surgery, illness etc.)

Yes/No    Description

Which modification would you like to apply to your future self? (Any modification you made during your life would have gone)

Yes/No    Description

How do feel about the evolving field of DNA modification or DNA storage.

Rather Positive/Rather Negative/Other

Thank you for your participation

The evaluation of the survey is still in progress . . .

Framed Photos (three series) taken by Hannah (@hanschflansch)
Photos taken by Birgit und Peter Kainz and Rafael Lippuner