Ballspeaker BASS

Ball speakers Bass are a symbiosis of form, craftsmanship and a passion for sound and technology. The natural materials—porcelain, wood and concrete—allow a consistent, and powerful bass and a dynamic middle and high tone.


The semicircular bass speaker carries the open and clear tone of the ball speaker. The result is unruffled music reproduction and pure listening pleasure. Experience lively and soulful sound.

Acousitc Resarch
Acousitc Resarch
Acousitc Resarch
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The making of BASS

I met the founder of MoSound, Ronald Jaklitsch, in the summer of 2016, at the Feschmarkt in the Ottakringer brewery. He founded his company in 2011 and became known for his spherical ceramic speakers. He sells these in his store in Kirchengasse in Vienna's seventh district. The technical effort behind the round speakers is enormous. It took two years of development and work, to make the porcelain production so accurate, that every loudspeaker sounds the same. Nevertheless, there are limits to the material, especially in terms of the size of the balls. He had to find a new material for his new project.

His decision led to our cooperation: the subwoofer should be a hemisphere of concrete. He had an idea and some rough plans ready. I took over the production of a prototype. The round shape brought several problems. You do not get balls of the appropriate diameter in the hardware store, so I made a positive mold, made of plaster, with the help of the Kerammodelleur Hermann Seiser. The internal parts, that define the cavity, have been molded from silicon and formed that they fit through the opening to which the subwoofer is mounted. The negative form of the hemisphere was made of polyester. To allow a relatively thin wall thickness and clear sound, the material needed to be particularly hard; this is why I choose a high strength concrete mix. By adding basalt sand, this mixture achieves three times the strength of conventional concrete.

After a few spills, the exact composition of the components was fixed and the first two Halfball Sub shells were ready for the audio check. The sound was completely convincing and the project went into the next phase. We decided the final form of the feet and the holder for the ball speakers. By the time of its launch in the fall of 2017, production costs, distribution and the price for a small series were fixed. The special features of this product: The entire production (with the exception of the electronic components) take place in Austria. Each of these parts is hand-crafted, assembled, and the pairs of ball speakers are perfectly synchronized each pairs of subwoofers.