Data Loam: Sometimes Hard, Usually Soft.

We, the artists and scientists of the Data Loam project, are investigating the past and future of knowledge systems and postulating the urgent need to develop new forms of organization beyond the established categorizations and indexations. In this way we liberate ourselves from traditional lexical and encyclopedic orders and dissolve the hierarchies and valuations inscribed in them without creating new (and perhaps more profound) distortions. Instead of continuing to work towards a reductive binary ontology, we want rather to examine information as a dynamic network of interacting particles and thus ultimately as a form of matter in which the ambivalent, the undecidable and the ephemeral can also be integrated and depicted.

26th february – 8th march
25th february, 19:00
1st march, 15:00

Angewandte Innovation Laboratory, Franz-Josefs-Kai 3, 1010 Wien