exhibtition: handWERK.

The exhibition handWERK. Traditional skills in the digital world spans the arc of the craft from history to current European perspectives. It sheds light on the sustainable, resource-saving potential of the craft trades, shows new developments at the interface to digital technologies and presents masterly workpieces from various sectors. The connection to the NDU is twofold: As part of the 2nd Action Weekend on March 4, 2017, Degree Program Director Stefan Moritsch presented the study program „Design, Craft & Material Culture“, after which students from the NDU presented current projects. NDU study program director Christine Schwaiger (MA space and information design) is responsible for the exhibition design.

In March 2017, the symposium „Practice Based Research – Manual & Material Culture“ took place at the New Design University. The symposium, organized in cooperation with the Institute of Sociology of the University of Vienna, focused on current perspectives on design, craftsmanship and production design.In recent times, manual practice is again becoming increasingly addressed. However, there is a lack of a differentiated picture of those forms of knowledge associated with craft work. This is where the research project „Practice Based Research – Manual & Material Culture“ at the New Design University, which has been running since November 2014, comes into play. The question „How can manual knowledge find a connection to the life and work of the 21st century?“ will be discussed with experts from craft and design practices, and design and research will be engaged in a public symposium at the NDU in cooperation with the University of Vienna.